Caroline's Family

Caroline has a dad, the Kraken, and a normie mom. She has a few siblings, but she never gets to meet them for a reason. (or 2... or 3... or 10...) She also has a pet.


Caroline has a crush on her friend's boyfriend, Nick.


Caroline is a girl with a sense of fashion and a girlish attitude. She is, in her own opinion, the queen of the world.



In Caroline's casual outfit, she plays it cool(or more like wet) with a Pink tank-top-like- thing, she has her blond hair in a ponytail, and she has black pants.


Her hair, which is normally in a ponytail, is down and longer than before.  and she has a strappless dress that sparkles. Her purse is hot pink zebra print, and her shoes match it.

Gloom Beach

Caroline has her hair in a ponytail with a hot pink streak, and she wears a one-strap bikini.

Skull Shores

She wears purple dress and red sandals


She is in the Swim Team as co-captain, and she wea a light pink dress. 

Dead Tired

She wears a pink nightgown and her hair has pigtails with blue streaks

Day at The Maul

She wears a red dress and purple shoes

Sweet 16!

Her party, outfit coming soon!


Normal Outfit: CarolineRaken

DOTD: Caroline Raken DOTD

GB: Caroline Raken GB