Carmello is the son of Carmilla, and attends Spectral Central High.


Carmello is a classical, superior vampire. He drinks blood, and stalks lovely young ladies to seduce them to "turn them to the night"; he's even been known to seduce a few boys as well. He thinks very highly of himself, and his vampiric pedigree. The only reason he's even attending SCH is out of boredom and easier access to pretty young girls. He is however unable to accept that fact that some people can resist his charms, mainly Slendra Mann, and it drives him crazy; he would never be willing to admit to this though.

Physical Appearance

Carmello has unnaturally pale white skin and red hair. His eyes are red, and he has vampiric fangs. He often dresses in a semi-formal way, to flaunt his pedigree and superiority over his fellow classmates, and fellow vampires.

Classical Monster

Carmilla is a female vampire from the story Carmilla written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It, as well as Bram Stoker's Dracula, was one of the first defining vampirirc literature written. Sadly though, Carmilla isn't as popular as Dracula despite predating it by 25 years.



Not much is known about Carmello's familial structure, or whether Carmilla is actually his "birth mother" or just turned him. It has been suggested he may have some "sisters" but again how they are related to each other is unknown.


Carmello doesn't find much use for "friends" as he is a typical user. However, since his charms seem to fail to entire Slendra Mann, he has been enacting a "friendship" with her, in an attempt to seduce her as well.


Many people don't get along with Carmello because of his user-like attitude, and because he probably seduced their girlfriends. Also by being a vampire, he has attracted the attention of several hunters and slayers in the area too.


Carmello has no love interest, despite his typical seductive ways.



Carmello wears a ruffled white button down shirt with dark red dress pants. He also wears black boots.


  • Carmello attends Spectral Central High, a rival monster union high school
  • Carmello was one of the first male OCs created by KPenDragon, meant to be part of a band; he was later revamped to be a SCH student instead
  • Carmello is an inactive OC