Calli Where isn't a student at Monster High, nor is she a teacher, but that doesn't stop her from making sure all the monster teens succeed high school. Calli was an actress but after she met and married Mr. Where,her director wanted her to make a movie far away in France so she quit. Calli is a fan-made character.

She now helps in Drama class by setting up plays and helping the students with their scripts.


Calli is a polite and well mannered werewolf, unless she's near a spotlight or if its a full moon.

Calli hopes that every monster will make their dreams come true as she did.

Physical Description

As Calli is a werewolf her skin is brown.

Her hair is light brown with yellow highlights.

Calli loves to wear scarfs, turtleneck jumpers and boots in the cold weather.

Her eyes are a dark red colour.

Her favourite colours are: purple,pink,red and blue.


She is somehow related to Clawdeen and Clawd Wolf.

Calli has two sisters, Halli and Missy.

Her parents are werewolfs, Micheal and Becky.

She has four other brothers who`s names are unknown.


Calli is very good friends with Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf.


Calli is currently married to Mr. Where.


Her poodle, Mitzy is black and white and can be very stubborn.

Mitzy likes to fetch and she hates anyone who gets a foot near her owner or as she calls Calli (my misbehaving pet).

Mitzy likes to be lazy and attack random people (yeah she's evil).



  • Basic Calli
Calli wears a purple turtleneck jumper with a tiny blue belt attached.Her jeans are a light blue shade.Calli`s boots are a really light shade with the material cut near her feet so you can see Calli`s toe nails.

School`s Out

  • School`s Out Calli
For her School`s Out outfit Calli wears a tight grey top underneath her purple furry jacket.Her silver coloured jeggings are just cut above her violet wedges.She is also wearing gold jewelry.