Age: Ageless; Vampires never count. Well, except my parents and my BFF, Draculaura!
Monster Parent: Edward and Bella Cullen

Bridget's parents, Edward and Bella Cullen!

Killer Style: Black and purple mini skirt doused in sparkles and a black and purple tank top with a bat on it.

Freaky Flaw: Opposite of my sister, Renesmee, I can't control my flying skills. Oops, while I was typing I crashed!
Pet: My adorable kitten, Toralei! Well, I did name her after that horrific werecat, Toralei Stripe.
Favorite Activity: Partying with my best ghoulfriends! Especially at night, for purrific lighting!
Biggest Pet Peeve: My fangs aren't growing as fast as their supposed to.
Fav School Subject: Creative Writing because I get to write cool things about my BGFFs (Best Ghoul Friends Forever!
Least Fav Subject: Home Ick. Well, my parents are neat freaks and I have to take after them.
Favorite Color: Black and purple, duh!
Favorite Food: Salad. I'm vegan, so I stay fit and HAWT!
BFFs: Draculaura, Frankie, C.A, Renesmee, Clawdeen, Lagoona and Ghoulia(even though I don't understand her.)

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