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 Breanna Beetlejuice


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Monster High Student Files: Breanna Beetlejuice.

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  • Name: Breanna Beetlejuice
  • Parents Names: Barry and Janie Beetlejuice
  • Birthday: March 30th
  • Grade: Sophomore

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Breanna Beetlejuice was born in New Salem of the state of Oregore to proud parents Barry K. Beetlejuice, son of the famous Beetlejuice, and Janie Psychowitz, daughter of a carpenter from Eyeowa. She attended Freak-K Pre-K Nursery for the Undead at a young age, before attending Ghouwell Elementary and Monstario Middle Schools afterwards. She then attended Scaraday High School for one year, before transferring to Monster High.

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Classes and Teachers:

  • Skullinary Arts - Taught by Ms. Kindergrubber
  • Biteology - Taught by Mr. Hackington
  • Drama - Taught by Mr. Where
  • Dead Languages - Taught by Mr. Rotter
  • Physical Deaducation - Taught by Ms. Phancis
  • Furnalism - Taught by Mr. Midnight
  • Monster Lit - Taught by Mr. McDeadald
  • Clawculus - Taught by Ms. Gorebury

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Clubs and Teams:

  • Maceball ? - she is a crucial part of the school's team as her quick thinking and agile way of popping up in places greatly rewards the team.
  • Fearrios - she is vice president of the Fearrios, having a great talent for fearleading, and a great friendship with captain Lina Greene.

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Best Friends:

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Headmistress' Summary:

Breanna Beetlejuice is an enthusiastic, kind soul with a lot of ghoul spirit and friendly laughs. She may be a bit too laughable, but her instinct lets her make friends easily and be a helping hand to whoever may come. I believe she will be a great helper for some of our younger students at Monster High, and I see great things in her.

Signed, Headmistress Bloodgood

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