Boogina Fright is Goblina Fright's younger cousin. Like Goblina, Boogina has a love for scaring other people, particualy Goblina. Boogina is the 15 year old daughter of the boogiman. Boogina's family lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, a family of goblins. Boogina trys to act shy so she really suprieses someone when she scares them, but because of this nobody really gets to know the real Boogina. Here is her bio.

Name: Boogina Fright


Monster Parent: the boogi man

Killer Style: I wear my signature color, purple, with some spooky black.

Freaky Flaw: I try to act shy so I really suprise someone when I scare them. Because of this, monsters don't really get to know the real me.

Favorite Color: midnight purple

Favorite Food:vanilla milkshakes, I make them light green to give them a glow-in-the-dark look.

Pet: Regety, my purple gecko.

Favorite Activity: scarying monsters, particualy Goblina.

Pet Peeve: when, instead of scaring Goblina, she scares me.

BFF's: Goblina Fright and Carly Spellmasters


Boogina has light purple skin with dark purple lipstick. Her hair is green with a light purple streak near the front. Her eyeshadow green and purple.


Basic:Boogina wears a purple shirt with a green monster on the front. Her skirt is green and ripped at the end. Her belt is purple with a green B belt buckle. Her shoes are purple with a green shoe buckle. Her hair is in a side pony tail on the left side.

Monster Prom: Boogina wears a purple dress that has green and black ribbon around the top and bottom. Her shoes are knee high green boots. Her hair is short. Accesories include a purple B shaped purse and a purple i coffin.


Boogina seems to have a mystery personality. She pretends to be shy so she can scare someone easier, but as Goblina described her in her diary, Boogina is a regular energetic scarer. She seems to have the personality of that of a little sister, maybe because, as she said in her diary, she feels like Goblina's little sister. She has trouble being herself when it comes to scaring people, as where her cousin can be herself when scaring all the time. Boogina is a little less experienced scarer than her cousin Goblina.

Classic Monster:

Booogina is the daughter of the boogiman, a monster said to terrorize little children, frightening them after dark. The boogiman is really a metophoric term, meaning someone or something you are afraid of. Boogina has a similar personality to her father, loving to scare someone. The idea of her using trickory to scare someone also realates to the idea of the boogiman being someone you'd least expect.

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