• Parent: The Boogeyman
  • Age: 15
  • Killer Style: Killer PJs I tricked out with some awesome bling. My bed-head is another part of my signature look.
  • Freaky Flaw: I have a tendency to pull pranks and be annoying, except when I'm around one certain ghoul
  • Pet: Triforg is my pet three eyed frog. I was suppose to dissect him for Mad Science but I just couldn't do it. So I snuck in and took the littlest one of all for myself.
  • Favorite Activity: Pulling pranks and aggravating ghouls.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When people scare me. I pride my self on being un-scarable.
  • Fav School Subject: Math. I love numbers, like if I scare two people how loud would their screams be compared to if I scare four.
  • Least Fav Subject: Physical Deaducation. I need to keep all my energy to pull off pranks.
  • Favorite Color: Pitch Black
  • Favorite Food: Anything drenched in cheese.
  • BFFs: Grimz Reaper
  • GF: Trying to impress Wicca but I just can't seem to charm her.


BoogeyJ is considered to be a nuisance do to him always pulling pranks on other students and even teachers. He lightens up on the pranking after falling for Wicca.


He arrives at Monster High with other new students consisting of Gina Djinn, Helga Hunch, Wicca Witch, Grimz Reaper, and Brian Corcillum. He has been friends with Grimz for many years prior on account of their dads being old friends. They help each other impress girls and survive High School. He falls for Wicca Witch and even steals her love potion to make her fall in love with him. This plan fails but they do begin dating after she realizes how much he likes her. He is captured by The Masked Lantern along with Wicca and Grimz after failing to stop him. They are released along with other sacrifices after Gina defeats him.

BoogeyJ begins his senior year in a stable relationship with Wicca. She gets annoyed by his pranking and uses a potion on him to change his personality. Grimz breaks him free of the curse and the coulple reconciles. He helps Wicca with the return of her sister. They fight in Gillian's invasion together before graduation. After he graduates he begins attending MU.