• Pastelmarch

    Pastel's Art Blog!

    July 16, 2017 by Pastelmarch

    This is a place where I put my art that wouldn't go anywhere on my OC's pages! Enjoy!

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  • TallTalesfan20

    Hey all you Ghouls and Mansters! It's summer and I got a whole Rp planned for it has our Monster High Ocs and the canon characters going to California to visit the Attractions and do do some frightseeing down there now this is kind of a big Rp for I'm splitting it into 9 or more sections each covering the different parts and their going to be in this order.

    Universal Studios Hollywood


    Disney California Adventure

    Six Flags Magic Mountain


    Seaworld San Diego


    Lake Tahoe

    San Diego Zoo

    Alcatraz Island

    Santa Catalina Island

    Knotts Berry Farm


    Raging Rapids

    Course anyone is welcome to join but if you have a lot of Ocs like me then use them for each sections or just use a canon character, but don't expect me to have the R…

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  • Pastelmarch

    Broken Template?

    June 14, 2017 by Pastelmarch

    Hey guys I ran into an error with the normal template. For some reason, it stopped working and all I keep getting is the message saying "This template does not have fields to edit. Make changes to the template on its page". It's incredibly irritating and I don't know if it's an internal error or a flaw with the changes to all the looks of the wikis. I'm not sure how to fix it.

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  • Pdwolverine


    May 14, 2017 by Pdwolverine

    Hey everybody! I am doing commissions, if you would like a drawing of your character, let me know and I'll have it done ASAP.

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Hi Guys..This is DC..

    Remember my previous actions..I have to appologize for that..

    I admit that I am Ignorant that time..  I am really sorry of my "Evie" Issues...I totally regret that..I realize that I am so immature that time.

    Will you forgive?

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Since I am tired of Wikia..I decided to Give Up All my OC...When I look at their content..I am so cringed...I was like 11 or 12 when I make this Cringe...So I decided to do this...I spend most of my time in Overwatch Fandom and Wattpad


    I also stop bases..Because..My drawing skills was decreased so..I stop!

    (Execpt Slenderina,Jora The Killer,Kira Mask,Bea Drowned, and Wilbra)

    • Ashlynn Furry
    • Azura Spells
    • Alodia Lidell
    • Amanda Kristine Dawn
    • Danganna
    • Carmen Framagucci
    • Holy McBloodson
    • Conjulia
    • Hwei-Ru Shi
    • Cristine Fox
    • Eridan Frostine
    • Laura and Morgana Cubus
    • Meulin Stripes
    • Megan Ann Mann
    • Izzy Queen
    • Madeline Headless
    • Lucas Dawn
    • Neola Dragnell
    • Robecca Steal
    • Sonya Mabangis
    • Sunako Ju-On
    • Tarnin
    • Vergila
    • Trish Skellington(Adopted by LittleAirbenderFreak)
    • Trucy Fox
    • Zaira Hil…

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Recently! Game High Wikia got desserted which is very sad for me..I need your cooperation..Don't worry because I am the founder of Game High Wikia..So Please..I really need your cooperation,,If you're interested..You are free to join my Wikia..

    Link here

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Art Request

    January 29, 2017 by Draculaura.clawd

    This is DC again.. Like the Title said!

    • I allow OC'S and Shippings (OCXOC or OCXCANNON)
    • BE PATIENT...
    • DO NOT JUDGE MY DRAWING Because I am not a Perfect Artist..Also Positive Critcism is free..
    • ROLEPLAYING IS NOT ALLOWED HERE! No Offense but it's annoying//



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  • Bigrika


    January 25, 2017 by Bigrika

    Hey y'all! I just wanted to say that it fills me with joy to see some activity other than my own on this Wiki again. Keep on creating, folks :3

    Do you mind if I Slytherin? ~Rika 12:00, January 25, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Bigrika

    Fangtastic Revamps

    December 29, 2016 by Bigrika

    If you may or may not have noticed, I've been doing some revamps of my early characters (probably rather not, as I swich out the new art with the old ones) as their art isn't very up to date regarding the quality. Because, you know....I've improved alot. At least that is what I am telling myself LOL.

    However here is the List of OCs who may get a revamp pretty soon:


    And here are the revamps I already did:

    Please tell me what you think. Which revamp are you really looking for? :)

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Hi guys! :DDD

    When is Welcome to Monster High coming out? I only see trailors that are within 3 minutes long. :/

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  • BlueSkinnyJeans

    I was even more insane than I am now. What was wrong with me, really? I completely 100% apologize for every single aspect of my personality, drawing abilities, OCs, and everything else that I contributed to this wiki before now. Same goes for the canon Monster High wiki. If my sister ever sees this, let's just say that the same goes for her. I was an absolute trainweck. Sometimes I think that I'm too sharp of tongue, melodramatic, or excitable. Whenever I think that starting today, I'm going to look at any single one of my older contributions. Feel free to bash me in the comments, I deserve it. Sorry for apologizing so much, but it needed to be done.

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  • Bigrika


    July 1, 2016 by Bigrika

    Welcome, Ghouls!

    I've decided to part with few of my OCs. To be more specific, I will part with two cousines: Namely Stella & Edwina Gorgon. So, anyone who is interested in one of them might leave a comment and I will pick the new owners at random. The only rule is, that each User will only get one. I will not hand out both of them to the same user, so PICK. Simply write either one of their names in the comments

    As soon as YOU are the lucky winner of either of them, you are totally allowed to chance everything you want. Good Luck!

    Do you mind if I Slytherin? ~Rika 14:16, July 1, 2016 (UTC)


    Stella Gorgons new owner is FanFicGal!

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  • Mama mittens

    i'm back!...again

    June 30, 2016 by Mama mittens

    I am going to be updating ym characters, as

    you can see

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  • Pillcoffin


    May 21, 2016 by Pillcoffin

    It seems that a lot of hype for Monster High has gone down drasically. It's a desert.

    I guess it could be due to the reboot or just maybe the gap right now in general, but I noticed a lot of inactive Monster High OCs/Groups. I also don't see much fanart anymore either.

    Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places. I hope that's just the case. If not maybe things will turn around.


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    May 21, 2016 by NA-TTOPPET

    so, uh, a lot of you may recognize me. if you don't, i used to be hetastuckworts4137 awhile ago! i made a lot of original characters back in the day but a lot of them are pretty outdated. now i've come back under a new name and with some new  original characters that i *hope* i'll be able to develop more than my old ocs. so, uh, bye! i hope you all have a nice day.

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    This is a blog that helps you to find any Ideas of your new Monster OC! So I am gonna share my ideas to you! 

    •  Nightcrawlers aka Fresno Alien
    • Sewer Monsters
    • (Added Soon)
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  • SavageAlice


    May 14, 2016 by SavageAlice


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  • Isaacelwwe

    So, my reboot is happening! And I cannot wait. More information is coming soon.

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    March 4, 2016 by NA-TTOPPET

    Soooo I did the thing and deactivated (or at least disabled/closed) the Hetastuckworts4137 account. I felt as though that account got old quick, so now I'll be using this account from now on! To those unfamiliar of my presence, my name is Na and I like making original characters. Well, um, bye.

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  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Since I suck at making blog posts, I'll get right to the point. Sometime this week, I'll deactive this current account due to the fact that I do not like the username for it anymore. I cannot change it since I have already changed it a couple years back, so when this account deactivates, I'll be using my EldritchGrimdarkness account (which I will also change the username). In the meanwhile, which username do you think I should change EldritchGrimdarkness too? There's a poll set up right down here ↓

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  • Timelordpinks123

    Lack of activity

    February 24, 2016 by Timelordpinks123

    ....I honestly suck at titles nowadays.

    But it pretty much says the point of the blog post.

    I am here to exlain why i dont come on wiki alot nowadays really...

    Well, i started my GCSE year (well sort of...its like mock GCSE year really), and at first, i thought it was gonna be easy, but the homework is basically taking over my free time nowadays, mainly my german and science.

    And then theres the fact i got revsion to do alot as my teachers keep giving us tests and exam style questions.

    I will also most likely be in prep for 2 weeks now, which is basically something my school has, where for 2 weeks, you spend 2 hours after school in a homework style club...if you get 3 detentions, your basically stuck attending me, my parents flipped …

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Great Scarrier Reef

    February 24, 2016 by AnitaTotallyRocks

    Hi Wikians! :DDD

    I'm halfway through the new MH movie, Great Scarrier Reef. (The one where the mean girl from Lagoona's childhood brings her back and she must face her fears in order to go back to Monster High). What do you guys think of that movie, if you watched it yet? It's pretty good, to be honest but I noticed that it's usually Frankie talking about what's happening because she's the so-called "close-to main character", as some people say but this time it's Clawdeen's voice talking. :3 

    Don't you guys find it a bit weird that the characters immediately change their appearances/outfits once they enter somewhere else? Like, Clawdeen immediately had her makeup and her style changed once she entered the lantern in 13 Wishes, for example. 


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  • Designer TayTay

    Transparent Tutorial

    February 19, 2016 by Designer TayTay

    Hi guys! So, I've seen most pages have images which aren't transparent. I personally think it's a bit strange if it is the info box image and not transparent, so here's a simple tutorial on how to do it. I don't expect many people to view this, but I hope it helps those who do see it.

    1. Go to and click "Open Image From Computer". Then open your image.
    2. Click the wand under the tools section. It is three down from the top on the left. If you can't find it, click the "W" key on your keyboard.
    3. Click on the part of the image you don't want.
    4. Click on Edit, then find Invert Selection and click it.
    5. Go to Edit, Copy, then Paste.
    6. Find the "Layers" box on your right (If you can't find it just ask me for help). Double click the lock …
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  • Madame O'Front


    February 2, 2016 by Madame O'Front

    Yes, I've pretty much changed the theme to colors of the new color scheme on the actual MH website, given the new marketing reboot. This background also came directly from it. Same goes to the wordmark.

    So as I've yet again went around to adjust the coding of the main Infobox for extra customization options and renamed a few parameters, I realized it had disrupted some pages. And because Wikia recommends use of the new template markup, I thought it could counter this affect. However, the down side of this template is that it cannot be customized in terms of color like our present one, so I'm wondering if I should move the customizable version we have now to a different name and promote the new markup draft to the current MHsiteprofile temp…

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  • Americanhoney139

    Clawlos Region

    February 2, 2016 by Americanhoney139

    Since the beginning of the known worlds, monsters, fairy tales, and Pokemon alike have searched for their meaning. Many strange and wonderous ledgends evolved from this pursuit of life's mysteries.

    (MH Theme Song plays...)

    Raven Queen stands before your character. She is wearing her usual outfit, buthanging off of her belt are little red and white balls.

    "Hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! My name is Raven Queen. But most people call me the Pokemon Professor." She throws a ball into the air and out pops a large orange dragon with a lighter underbelly. It waves at you and Raven chuckles. "This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon. For some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for competition. Myself... I stu…

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  • Designer TayTay

    Lol stuff

    January 23, 2016 by Designer TayTay

    so, looks like we are cahnging teh theme?

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  • Hetastuckworts4137


    January 23, 2016 by Hetastuckworts4137

    Okay so, I might need some guidance from someone. As someone who, as far as I know, does not have a mental illness, how should I go and portray an original character who is mentally disabled? And to be precise, with bipolar disorder.

    Can anyone leave their advice down below, in the comment section? I don't want to portray a character with a mental illness inaccurately. That would help so much.

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  • Isaacelwwe


    January 19, 2016 by Isaacelwwe

    So I was thinking about the reboot to Monster High and all of that jazz and it got me to thinking, should I redo art, personalities and stuff for my characters? Yes! I've been wanting to do this for a while and just have a handful of characters to work with. Now here is the ones I am keeping.

    I am redoing a lot of art and stuff. Just wait.

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  • Isaacelwwe


    January 11, 2016 by Isaacelwwe

    Okay, I know this is a stretch but I want to reboot this wiki. I am mostly on EAH Fandom Wiki like most, but I do come here to update my characters, who I love and I still adore MH. I want to take action and have at least 4 of us who are on this wiki to clean it up. We have over 6K and I bet only 2,000 Pages are being used. Now I see sheepy or whoever putting canidates for deletion under unneccasry pages and I love that person for that. Now I am asking for us to become admin so we can delete those unnecessary pages. The admins here aren't even doing that on either blog and it is nothing wrong with it, it's just I want to clean this up.

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  • Sleepysheepyzzz

    In case you didn't know, I'm an artist. I'm offering to draw OCs for people. Examples of my work can be found at Fawn Darby  and Cuilean Seilchidh, as well as my art page on the EAH fandom wiki. I can also draw in chibi, if you'd prefer. Just leave a comment with the character you want done, with a description of their appearance and any reference images you may have. 

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  • Bigrika

    Meme Time!

    January 3, 2016 by Bigrika

    Please do not forget that these are MY personal opinions. But please feel free to share with me your opinion as well

    Fav. Monster still is and probably will ever be Rochelle Goyle. She was my very first doll. I actually wanted Venus first, but she was sold out pretty fast so I sticked with Rochelle....and started loving her more than anyone else on the show

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  • Mk marvelgirl

    Hello Lovelies!

    Damn, It has been a really long time since I've even thought about this website. Anyways it's been great and all, but I'm 16, graduating in a year in a high level prep school and this has become a tad too juvenille. This is such a childish and industry driven cash grab that is no longer worth any of my time and effort. I can no longer enjoy such hogwash. Even the show itself is just to sell toys, it's more forced now then ever. I need more intellectual situmlation and grow up. I hope you all have wonderful lives and if you need me, I'm a DM away (Tumblr: onemoretallymark , Twitter @Mk_marvelgirl) though I doubt you even remember me at this point. Please don't touch my stuff. I wasted a lot of time on it and I'd rather atleas…

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  • AnitaTotallyRocks

    Random post here, why? Because I'm bored and worried. Anyways, I've heard about the Paris attacks which caused my online friend's grandma to die, then the Russia attacks, etc. Even Egypt and China. Anyways, I live in Canada and I heard about their cruel future plans. They even attacked China, my homeland. ^^ This is just my new update to tell you that I'm alive. XD Anyways, I don't get why Syria and Iraq wants to take over other countries. D: even if most of them aren't my countries, some of my friends from online are effected by them, either having a relative dying, or their homes are in danger. Maybe it will start effecting me in someway too D: sorry I'm being a worrywart right now. Bai!

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  • Sleepysheepyzzz

    A Call to Admins

    November 13, 2015 by Sleepysheepyzzz

    I've been noticing a lot of pages with "This Cool OC Belongs To:" Followed by a link. I think ALL of these pages need to be deleted. They are more than likely all put up without the owners' consents. Just because you link back to an artwork doesn't mean you can just post it anywhere and put it places it doesn't belong. It's unfair to the creators. Of ALL the MANY the problems the page has, this is one of the big ones that really bothers me.

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  • RavenBloodshadow777


    September 9, 2015 by RavenBloodshadow777

    I am having a hard time properly seting up my OCs pages and I'm wodering if there is anyone that is willing to help me

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  • Timelordpinks123

    Hey guys! agent timelord here! LOL, sorry, not a agent, yet... anyway, as the title states, I got a few upcoming OCs and doll lines that will be made at different times (maybe tomorrow, if I get time, as I got to clean my room then go out with mom to town and trust me, my room is apparently a nightmare to clean) so anyway, here are the upcoming OCs, be warned, a few of them is related to cannon, :

    Ok, so the doll lines that will feature either some of these guys at one point or Vida gorgon, ain de nile, invisi bell, howlisa 'lisa' wolf and Pandora kristoff, are:

    • Sports ghouls (this line will be featured in my fic, Fright of the might (Special) )
    • Ghouls on ice.
    • Hiss-toric Ghouls
    • Skater ghouls
    • Casket ghouls (casketball themed)
    • Tech ghouls
    • Ghouls in …

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  • Mama mittens

    Fnaf girl

    August 9, 2015 by Mama mittens

    so I am workign on a new oc named pinkie fazbear, and she is the daughter of the animatronics from fnaf. so cant wait to relese her profile, she is so cute!

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  • Mama mittens

    Sneek peak!

    August 8, 2015 by Mama mittens

    Hey guys, if you are following my character Valentina Tatzel, then you noticed that she hasa cousin, and I am creating her page soon, so heres a sneek peak of Collete Gevaudan, Daughter of the Gevaudan Beast, which is  french mythical Dog hybrid that ate people during the 1800's, the tail was related to a cats', so I figured, "Hey why not a french cousin!?" And she is based around catrine demew. 

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  • Mama mittens

    I did a re-do of Breanna Kat as kat Bastet. Hope you all like her this is a sneak peek of her.

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  • Mama mittens

    SO ive been on the wiiki and saw my old characters, and im bringing them back and they will be better than before...

    Hathy hathor, breanna kat, Marissa Nubis, CAN'T WAIT TO DRAW THEM!

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  • Mama mittens

    Okay I will soon be realsling the info for some of these characters from other countires. Such as...australia, africa, germany, indonesia, and so on and don't forget japan! 

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  • Mama mittens

    well, i have a few new ocs coming soon so i cant wait to share them with you, so here's a sneek peek of of them. and about muireall, I will be relesing some phots of her as her natural haor color, a red head. so can't wait!

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  • Mama mittens

    Please notice my work people! I have been working my but off to create these characters hours upon the computer! I'm still pumping out ideas, and I only got one feedback. Please people I want you to see my work! It would mean so much to me.

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  • Kaeldradragon

    New OC?

    July 22, 2015 by Kaeldradragon

    Hey everyone. I have been thinking of making a new OC but since my characters usually cause too much drama for the community I want your opinions on if i should make a new one or not. if you say no, i am totally ok with it, i'd just prefer it if you put a reason so i know what to improve on. thanks. 

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    This is DC againn..Being online for so many months because I have so many projects,Busy om wattpad and etc..BTW I am not gonna make an OC but  I am not gonna leave here..

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  • Bigrika

    Sooo I figured.....its kinda quiet around here lately. It feels like Isaacelwwe and I are running this place almost alone by now and sometimes somebody else's Nick pops up under recent  wiki activity but yeah. Also the Admins are absent, resulting in no more Monster of the Month for...i dont even know how many month by now, what's kinda sad.

    I know many of you left for the EAH-Fandom and I really don't blame anyone for this even though MH in my opinion is the better fandom. However I'm getting kinda lonely here. Even on Deviantart the hype around MH is strongly declining, yet again mainly because of EAH.

    Long story short: please comment if YOU are still into MH...lets see how many we are by now.

    Thank you!

    Do you mind if I Slytherin? ~Rika 08:…

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  • Designer TayTay

    I'm New ;3

    July 10, 2015 by Designer TayTay

    Um, hey guys! I'm new to this wiki so I apologize if I make pages I'm not supposed to or do things I'm not supposed to.

    i dearly hope nobody minds that I made a template (

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  • Mama mittens

    Hello, I made this new user account because I saw how horribly I did my heather burns, and Jenny ness, I regret and I have done wrong. But this time I will make a come back and sweep all of you off of your feet! Because I've grown in the last three or four years. I'm sorry but I have gotten a lot better....the reason being why is DI wrong and redraw the photos and claimed them as mine was because I was stupid, I want to be noticed so much, but all of my tactics didn't work. And the fact I was a crappy speller and artist then. But now, I'm amazing at art and writing, I'm currently writing a few books on wattpad. I also make anime series now, just trust me I've grown so much.

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  • Isaacelwwe

    New Ghouls Coming

    June 29, 2015 by Isaacelwwe

    New Types of Monsters coming soon:

    • Gem
    • Killer Clown
    • Blob
    • And More!
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