Black Maggie is the daughter of Black Aggie, the staue of a women said to come alive at night and blind however looks in her eyes, Black Aggie really dislikes boys, because of her dying of a broken heart. Maggie, like her mother, is not fond of boys, and avoids them. She also has the problem of temperarily blinding anyone who looks directly into her eyes. She hates this, but, to avoid this problem, she wears special glasses that let her see perfectly fine, while allowing monsters to look into her eyes, without being temporarily blinding them. Here is her bio.

Name: Black Maggie

Age: 256

Monster Parent: Black Aggie

Killer Style: well, my mom likes to wear grey, and only grey, so her clothes blend in with her skin, but I like to stand out. I like my clothes glow-in-the-dark. I'll be honest, I don't only wear glow-in-the-dark fabrics to stand out, it's also so I don't get lost on my way home, I live in a cemitary.

Freaky Flaw: My mother always tells me my eyes are special, and they are. If any monster were to look directly in them when I wasn't wearing my special glasses, they would be temporarily blinded.

Favorite Color: glow-in-the-dark

Favorite Food: hard candies

Pet: Stone, my living dog statue. He always scares the grave robbers away, with help from me of course.

Favorite Activity: have you ever heard of the trick where you stand absolutly still and pretend your a statue and when someone walks by, you scare them. I love doing that!

Pet Peeve: boys, I don't trust them.

BFF's:Rochelle Goyle and Sassy Squach

Favorite Subject: Architecture, some one had to sculpt me, and I watched them while they did.

Least Favorite Subject: swimming, I sink like a rock!

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