Info about Belle


Belle is a sweet and caring girl. She loves to act William shakespeare's plays. Belle loves romantic things and can help people with love troubles like her friend C.A Cupid.

Physical Description

Like her family her skin color is light pink. She has brown eyes and when she was born she has a birthmark that is a shape of a heart. Belle has Brown and pink hair unlike her brother Jake and her sister Lola who have black hair with little purple.


Family Belle is very close to her family and they try to protect eachother no matter what. But sometimes they fight but then makeup soon after becuase to them family is very important.


Frankie, Deuce, Jackson, Cleo, Howleen, Clawdeen, Cole, Clawd, Ghoulia, Draculaura, and her best friend Lagoona.


Belle is currently dating her best friend Cole Wolf who is a werewolf. But she doesn't mind because she knows that their love is real and both know eachother more than anyone else. Sometimes her romantic expections go over board for Cole but he knows how to make her happy and let her feel special.


Lady Fablous is her cute little cat. She found her as a kitten then took care of her so they grew a bond of friendship.

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