Bella Blob is the daughter of The Blob.


Bella is kind and sweet, but also an outcast because of her habit of sucking things. Her intellegence is neck-in-neck with Ghoulia's, and she wants to be a fashion designer.

Physical Description

Bella is made of red goo,like her father, but with long, lustrious, shiny, healthy blonde hair, gigantic chocolate brown eyes(One eye is a little bit bigger than the other), a Kristen Bell nose, and ultra-full lips, said to come from her normie mother. Her make-up is gothic. She wears round, nerdy, silver glasses, and always wears her hair in long waves. She sews all her clothing herself. Her normal outfit is a white dress with various paint splatters near the bottom and a black undershirt. She always wears a white pearl necklace and silver hoops.



Her family is The Blob and a normie, who was said to be so beautiful, she could tame him. She was also said to have had blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, and that she wore glasses.


Her closest friends are her dad, The Blob, and Heath Burns. She tends to push others away because she thinks they'll judge her.


She is secretly dating her only friend, Heath Burns.