Beedra Swarms

Age: 16

Parents: The Mutant Wasp

Killer Style: I know the buzzzz on the latest styles, but I perfer black and yellow with a splash of pink. I also happen love my buzzzzly clawsome honey comb sunglassezzzz.

Freaky Flaw: I am allergic to flowerszzz, so I often am a pain to florests.

Favorite Color: Black and yellow.

Favorite Food: Honey Bunzzzz

Pet Peeve: Toralie and light bulbzzzz

Favorite Activity: I love to Fearlead. I am all about the buzzzz on Fearleading

Pet: Buzzzz, my little dragonfly.

GFFS: Spectra and Operetta

Favorite Subject: Art, it's buzzzzzingly clawsome!

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick. I burn up most of my gradezzz there.

Pyhsical Description

Beedra has black and yellow hair with bangs curled out. She has blue eyes, blue and orange eyeshadow, and hot pink lipstick. Her skin is yellow that fade into black at her hands and feet. She wears a yellow, black, and hot pink dress with sheer black long sleeves. She wears black heels and pair of honey comb sunglasses with anetna on them. Since Breedra is the daughter of the mutant wasp, she speaks with buzzes in her words.


Beedra is the daughter of mutant wasp. The mutant wasp was created when a normal man was fused with a wasp in a bug spray testing plant.

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