Bearrach "BeeBee" O'Malley is the eldest daughter of leprechauns. She used to attend Perpitch.


   BeeBee O'Malley is very smart, compassionate, shy ghoul with myschivous leprechaun parents. She has a large, scientific vocabulary, and is passionate about the sciences. She is also theatrical and sarcastic and  dumb and clutzy. But of course, you know leprechauns. Stupid little animals.

Physical Description

   BeeBee has red hair, fair skin, freckles, and blue eyes. Her make-up is bold. She wears round, Harry Potter glasses. She always wears gold jewelry, especially a diamond promise ring given to her by her long-time boyfriend Ty Yaga. Her normal outfit is a gold-colored, puff-sleeve dress with a fitted green turtle neck underneath, green tights, and gold mary janes. Her Dawn of the Dance outfit is a gold metallic mini dress and a black shrunken blazer with green leggings and heels, with no jewelry exept the ring. She always wears the diamond ring. Her gloom beach outfit is a gold bikini top and a green swim skirt and flip flops.


Ty Yaga

Ty Yaga is BeeBee's long-time boyfriend. She often refers to him as her "soul mate and BFF" He gave her a diamond promise ring.


Her entire family are leprechauns.


She has few friends other than her sisters, Ty, and Puffles.


BeeBee is currently in a happy relationship with Ty Yaga.