Bea from Lunaii

Introducing Bea Juice! She has short yellow hair, yellow eyes, a purple long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and high black heels. She can float and has magical powers, like her father.


She is nice and sometimes quite rude. She is very nice when she is not bothered, and she is rude when she is disturbed. When she is nice she does a lot of things for others all over the entire three story school.She even helps the animals on the third floor and the catacombs. When she is disturbed she goes around pranking people.


Bea's parent is Beetlejuice.


Beetlejuice is changed so he is more of a hero, but will still be dishonest at times. Actually, that is the least of his problems as, according to Lydia, he "hasn't changed" since the day he met her, as made obvious by how filthy he tends to get (and prefers to be) and how annoyed he gets with the fact he has the same problem as his film counterpart: when he wants to leave the Neitherworld, he can only enter the Outerworld part way unless someone calls him there by saying his name 3 times but, unfortunately for him, he gets sent back the same way. He really likes to eat bugs(especially beetles, which may be why his name is Beetlejuice). His favorite activities include pulling pranks and scamming people.


Bea's father is Beeteljuice, and Bea enjoys Lydia Deetz like her father.


Bea is currently dating no one.


She's friends with Lydia, and she is friends with Della Big.

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