"It's just so SAD!"- Baina on a normal day.


Baina Sheeman is the only daughter of the Banshee and is about 1600 or so years old. She has a fairly bubbly personality, even though she cries uncontrollably as a result of being able to sense death, is very proud and hates the idea of being beat. She enjoys reading romance novels, mostly tragic ones. This also contributes to her crying. She is a body mist addict, with an expansive collection. She is half human and half Banshee, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her, as she looks all banshee. Her mother wants her to live as a normie, even though Baina likes both worlds equally.


"Draculaura has nothing on me. When togas came into style? Puh-lease, are you kidding me? Try almost as old as Death itself! - Baina to Spectra Vondergeist.

Baina claims to be almost as old as death itself, but most Monster High Students don't believe her, as she was born in Ireland during medevil times. Her mother was the 'guardian' of a young Irish man, but soon after she 'met' him, she realized he was dying. She also realized that she was in love with him. But instead of wailing for him, she posed as the young woman he was in love with. Soon after Baina was conceived, the young man died. Still, instead of wailing, Baina's mother cherished her as the only thing left of her lover.

Baina had a fairly comfortable childhood, as her mother married a rich merchant sometime after she was born. The man was kind and doted on Baina and her stepsister, whose name is unknown. She never had very many friends, but she didn't mind as she was very much a loner, like most Banshees.

Monster High

Baina only recently started at Monster High. She went to another school in the area before then. She likes Monster High so far, mostly because of her friends Operetta, Draculaura and Spectra Vondergiest.



She has long gray, sliver streaked hair, her skin is pale and she has misty grey eyes. She never wears makeup. Her outfit is short silver tulle skirt dotted and trimmed with beads and jewels, a floaty transparent cardigan and a silver tank top embroidered with leaves. She had a charm bracelet as well.

School's Out:

Blue-gray silk tunic, gray jean cuttoffs and sneakers along with an over sized purse/tote.

Gloom Beach:

A checkered silver bikini, a grey sarong and sliver heels.

Dead Tired:

A long, floaty silver nightgown. She is teased because of the old-lady-esqueness of it, but she wears it every night along with her hair pulled back into a braid.

Dawn of the Dance:

A short, sequined grey dress, a textured bodice trimmed with leaves and light grey suede booties. her hair is pulled up into a messy bun held in place with jeweled clips. She carries a matching clutch.