• Age: 20
  • Parent: Normies
  • Killer Style: I wear my suit to Monster High every day to keep hold of my standing as a high ranking official trying to unite normies and monsters.
  • Freaky Flaw: My job tends to run my life.
  • Favorite Color: A royal and dark blue.
  • Favorite Activity: Studying and negotiating peace.
  • Pet: Rover is my pet doberman. He's my best friend.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When my job becomes to demanding.
  • Favorite Subject: Psychology, I love how minds work.
  • Least Favorite Subject: None
  • BFFs: I haven't made any friends during my time here as an ambassador at Monster High.
  • GFs: I have an eye for this particular princess but she always falls apart around me.


Axel is kind and tries to negate peace wherever he can. However he has a secret which changes he personality from a kind gentle person to the evil, cold, and calculating Masked Lantern.


Axel arrives shortly before the end of a school year at Monster High to help negotiate peace between monsters and normies. He begins holding classes to show how similar monsters and normies are. He also befriends many monsters including Nefera de Nile who he develops a crush on. She begins to feel the same way but never admits it. When The Masked Lantern begins to capture students Axel is not around but says he saw reports about the attacks. He works to calm everyone down and keep the peace. After The Masked Lantern manages to capture all 36 sacrifices his identity is reveal as Axel by Gina. She defeats him and Axel sends his armor as well as his evil and sad thoughts into a lantern thus ending his time as The Masked Lantern. He reconciles with Nefera and attends the party in Gina's honor.

He returns to Monster High the following year in a relationship with Nefera. He improves the schools magical borders to prevent another Monster Hunters attack. He becomes suspicious of Jill Haggs. After confronting her she reveals her identity as Gillian Sprites, a top Monster Hunters agent and his exgirlfriend. She knocks him out and causes him to forget everything. Eventually he does remember and reveals her identity to every one. He supplies the student body with weapons during Gillian's invasion. After he defeat he says things may get worse for Monster High.


  • Axel's last name comes from venator the latin word for hunter.
  • Debuts in Fur Will Fly.
  • Beginning of relationship with Nefera de Nile in A Night of Dreams.

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