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Ashley is the Daughter of the Yeti and is the peace lover of the group. She is a tomboy and also a friend of Annaliese.


Killerstyle: I love peace signs. I have a peace belt, a peace headband and a lot more!

Freaky Flaw: I hate, hate, hate, hate turning my friends to ice... sorry Annaliese!

Pet: A snow wolf called Frosty, he's perfect for my likey.

Favorite Activity: Hugging things and baking cakes!

Biggest Pet Peeve: My habit of turning people to ice!

Favorite School Subject: History, my fave. I wanna learn more about my country... China basically, and the Himalayas.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym. It makes me melt.

Favorite Color: Blue. It means peace.

Favorite Food: Icecream cakes! It's delicious!

BFFs: I have friends but still a can't choose favourites.

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