Ashleigh, also known as Bird Greeed Ashleigh, is 160+-years-old and is "daughter" (actually a reincarnation) of Ankh, a character from the Japanese tokusatsu show Kamen Rider OOO. She was created by Phineasmon302.


Ashleigh, or "Ash" as Tonina loves to call her (she hates it though), is pretty much a female carbon copy of her father: a dishonest wildcard who sees humans and other monsters for their flaws. She believes that she has the right to get whatever she wants and detests having to give something away if there's no benefit for her. Ashleigh also has a short temper and is a bit of a perfectionist.

Physical Description

Ashleigh sports long, dull blonde-fading-into-red hair with feathered bangs and in a side ponytail, as well as red eyes. Her primary Greeed feature is her right forearm, which resembles that of her father, and can turn into a normal human arm at free will so she can masquerade a bit better among normies, although she prefers to leave it as it is while at school.

Classic Monster

Information about Ashleigh's father, Ankh, can be found here.



  • Ashleigh's name comes from Ankh's prototype name "Ash", which in turn comes from the Japanese word assuru (圧する, "to oppress" or "to dominate").
  • Ashleigh always sits next to Abbey Bominable in the Creepateria, using Abbey's ability to turn water into ice with contact behind her back to create ice pops.
  • Ashleigh is quite close to Cleo de Nile, due to the Egyptian motifs they have in common, but not to the point of being friends.
  • Her creator claims that, when you think about it, making OCs out of copyrighted characters is a good idea, as the idea won't be taken by Mattel, leaving the OC as one of a kind.
  • Her Gloom Beach look is notable as it's the first and only time so far that her right forearm is human-like as opposed to its true Greeed arm form.