Ascareness Campaign is a line made by BarbarianKnight3. (If you want your OC to be included, just comment below, I don't bite)


Ascareness Campaign is based upon supporting causes and raising awareness. The monsters' causes would reflect something personal to them.

If made into dolls (which BarbarianKnight3 knows will never happen), they would come with a picket sign or banner, a slogan t-shirt, a doll stand and brush.



  • Draculaura is campaigning for more vegitarian options in the Creepetria.
  • Lagoona Blue, Gil Webber and Venus McFlytrap are campaigning for enviromental issues.
  • There would be a triple boxset for a combined kindess campaign involving the two KIND sea creatures and Grimmily-Anne McShmiddlebopper.


  • Daniella Death is raising awareness of autism.
  • Cerrie Rus is supporting the "Multiheaded Monster Rights" cause (a cause that demands more accommodations for monsters with multiple heads or limbs, such as larger doorways in public places or more fashionable clothing choices)
  • Sven Blewis is raising awareness of homosexuality in teens.

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