[[Category:Name: Aqular WhitePearl Age: 15 Monster Parent:The Mermaids Killer Style:I'm always dressed up in girlie clothes and I mix it up with alot of accesories.I like floral,colorful dresses mixed with cute ballet flats or high heels. Pet:I'm a mermaid,I know,but I have a cute dog named Becky and she is so sweet.She is white and fluffy. Freaky Flaw:I have feet,untill I touch the water.After that,I have a mermaid gold,long tail. Favorite Activity:Singing and writing songs-but I can't sing my songs because when the guys will hear me,they will be my slaves. Biggest Pet Peeve:Cold water.Brr... Fav School Subject:Music history.If I can't sing,I wanna know all about music. Least Fav School Subject:Art. Fav Color:White,turquoise,pale pink...I don't know,I like bright colors. Fav Food:Water and sea fruits. BFFS: Operetta and Venus McFlytrap.]]

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