Aquanique Waters is the main sea monster daughter protagonist who has discovered that with the lead of Bram & Gory, the vampires are planning to take over Monster Middle School, Monster Elementary, and Monster High, along with ultimately ruling the world. Luckily, she has her friend Moonly Howls, and 3 good vampires on her side, not counting Draculaura, of course, she's good.

She is known also as 'Blue' by close friends.


Aquanique & Moonly both met each other on their first day, and instantly became best friends. Moonly forced them to go and become part of the Vampire's clique, but instead hear Bram & Gory's plan to rule all the campus schools, and ultimately the world. She meets Sam, as a vampire and falls in love, and Sam sits at their table when no seats are open, and they become close friends. Aquanique is nice and giving, and loves to swim.

She can't wait to stop the evil vampires and get back to her life: smart ghoul by day, champion swimmer by night, and just might get a boyfriend - ideally Sam.


She has golden hair that is usually pulled into a ponytail and draped over her shoulder with several chlorine streaks going through it. She has pale blue skin like Lagoona's, and has webbed hands. She wears a yellow no-sleeved shirt that forms into a small dress along with blue flip-flops.


  • Like many of the characters in Monster Middle School, she is based off of a character of "My Babysitter's a Vampire, and she is based off of protagonist Ethan.
  • Her name is based on the spanish word for water, Agua. Aqua is also a common name for water girls, but her's is meant to be unique, so it is called Aquanique.