Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue

|name= Aqua Blue |image= |age= 14 |killer_style= BLUE.BLUE.BLUE. |freaky_flaw= The dots on my tail.

Most mermaids don't have 'em.

|pet= Luna. My pet seaturtle.He's sooo cute. |favorite_activity= Swimming in the deep blue sea. |pet_peeve= When other ghouls say im not a monster. |fav_school_subj= Creative Writing.I love to write about undersea adventures. |least_fav_school_subj= Biteology.You can guess why. |fav_color= Aqua Blue. My parents named me that when they found out

I like blue so much.

|fav_food= Salt Water. |bffs= Lagoona Blue and Octonna Gon |diary= Isn't it illegal to read someone else's diary?

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