August, 2

I am going to monster high!!!!!! I've been waiting all year for my registration form to come back and I'm in!!!!!!! I can't wait to tell my friends.

August, 8

I emailed my pen-pal, Abbey, from Monster Hgh to tell her the good news! She is also super excited and can't wait till school starts. Sky is happy too, she's curled up next to me on my desk right now. I'm so, so, so, so happy!

September, 2

Tomorrow is the first day of monster high and I get to meet Abbey in person! (I'm super excited.) I have already packed my backpack and laid out my outfit on my dresser and have already gone through 3 practice morings so I know what to do. I have my class list printed out and ready to go, I also have a map so I won't get lost. I'm ready for anything!

September, 3

My first day didn't go as planned. I actually got lost, even though I had a map. I did meet Abbey and she is super nice. I sat at luch with her but she had devils eggs in her lunch and I'm sorta allergic to thoughs so I had to go eat in the corner with a bunch of weirdos. Then I had art and got paint all over my white blouse.

September, 30

About a month has gone by and I'm preety used to the place. Abbey doens't bring deviled eggs any more and I know how to dodge flying paint. Now I'm ready for anything.

October, 8

I tried out for the frearleading squad today and I don't think I'll make it. I dropped my pom-poms and triped a few times. I know Cleo is looking for prefection so I really don't think I'll make it. At lunch the person at the end of the table had deviled eggs and I didn't realize and I got sick in the middle of lunch.

October, 14

I didn't make the fearleading squad, but I did join the book club (good you don't have to try out for that.) My mother packed my my favorite lunch- angel food cake, tomato soup, mashed potatos, and celery. I'm actually starting to like art. Yesterday I made a beautiful painting (acording to my teacher.)

October, 21

Toady was tyhe first day of book club and it went awesome. We started a new book and it sound like it will be great. At lunch I sat with a goul named Spectra and I also sat with Abbey. Luckily Spectra didn't have deviled eggs.

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