Angie is very bright and cheery, though she is very shy. She likes to keep to herself and her small group of friends. She enjoys reading and sometimes writing. She is very quiet and loves to help people. She always makes the right choices and helps others make the right choices. Angie also loves shoping at vintage boutiqes.

Physical Apperance

Angie has pale skin, light blond hair, and green eyes. She has soft, feathery white wings and a halo with a yellowish glow. She wears a white blouse and a gold locket with a picture of her dead sister. She wears a cream, ruffled skirt with nude leggings. She has silvery high heels wih ribbon going up her legs.


  • Mother- Jaquline Heavens
  • Father- Arthor Heavens
  • Dead sister- Justice Heavens