Angelina is a shopaholic with a great fashion sense.She is a fun ghoul with a clawsome attitude.She hopes to be a fashion designer or a famous actress in Howlywood.She hates the fact that her parent does not approve of her befriending Denise Devilla and Mira Chrystalz.She is a smart ghoul and gets straight A;s in most of her exam's.She can be a rule breaker once in a while if there was a sale on shoes or clothes.As Angelina says "Without style ur nothing." She owns a few credit cards which is her no. 1 thing to own besides clothes.Angelina is very active and loves music.Her one true weekness is Red Velvet cakes or cupcakes. She tries her best in everything she does and always gets a good result.She is also a comedian and always has a great laugh with her gang.Angelina once lived in Paris and London so she has an accent but only uses it when she feels like it.She has a Diva attitude but in a good way ( not like Kat Valenthyme her frienemy)


Family Angelina has a sister named Angelica Fallen.Her Parents hate the fact that she is friends with the daughter of lucifer Denise Devilla but by the end of the day they learn to accept that fact. They also hate Angelia's shopping adiction

Angelina is friends with Denise Devilla,Mira Chrystalz,Niche Scarlett,Caitlyn Angelz,Bianca Salvatore and many more. She is one of the few people who have the largest group in monster high. Her friends love goofing around and tent to call each other stupid but it is in a joking way of course.


Angelina's pet is a panther named Chanel. It was originally suppose to die because of eating Angelina's clothes and one of its owners credit card but it showed its cute face and Angelina kept her.She is named Chanel because of its black fur and silver white like eyes and also it is Angelina's favorite brand


Angelina is presumed to be single but rumor has it that a few of her manster friends have a crush on her but who could it be?


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