Angela White is the daughter of the Angels. She came to Monster high when she turned 16 (for any and every angel, that's a big deal) because her father felt she was responsible enough to make good choices and make new and nice friends. Strangely somehow, Angela became best friends with Lea, Lea De Vil, the daughter of the Devils. Unfortanutely, Angela's father is dissapointed in her but luckily, her mother says that she's just making friends. Her favorite colors are pink, gold, and white. Since her "sin" of being friends with a Devil offspring, Angela doesn't have her wings yet.. But that's okay with her!

Angela's Apperance

Angela is a golden blonde with blue shining eyes and tan, honey-colored skin. Her hair is always let down and is so long it goes to her ankles.


Angela is falling for Lea's brother Louis. But you can't tell Angela's father that or he'll burst in flames and turn red. Kinda like Lea's father.

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