Amy Catty's Diary

Amy's diary

This is the first diary of Amy Catty.

July 4th

Today I threw a 4th of July party for my friends. Chelsea said it would be purrfect if we had Nelly. But she was taking summer school for fun and was studing for a test. Thank ghoul Chelsea,Icy and I don't have summer school. I hope Monster High is better than Monster Middle School.

July 10th

Ugh! Yesterday Toralei crashed our slumber party by making us watch action movies instead of Twihard. We had to watch Twihard when she was sleeping. We also drew stuff on her face for crashing my sleepover.

July 14th

Today I went to the Maul with my GFFS. I bought this really cute cheetah print purse while Chelsea bought a purse with eyeballs as the print, Nelly bought a caculator cover and Icy bought a scary-cute scarf. We look so fashionable.

July 17th

Today my mom took me to Monster High for a tour. I like it there. I can't wait to go there with my ghoul friends! However our tour guide was a Monster High student named Cleo. I didn't like her. I wish we had a nicer tour guide.

July 23rd

Today the mayor wrote a law book. She said that EVERYBODY in this city had to buy a copy. So me and my friends went to Bloods and Noble and bought some copies. Then I met a scary-cute boy named Darell Mort. He said he was going to Monster High this year. Then he said I'm cute. I think I'm going to like school this year.

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