Amy is the daughter of a Werecat and a Weredog. She is nice and kind but hates Cleo because she is mean and bossy. She also hates Toralei. She wishes she was popular like the main ghouls but she isn't. She has a diary. She is voiced by Miley Cyrus in the webisodes.


Amy is a nice and kind ghoul.

Physical Description

Amy has light purple skin and violet coloured hair.

Classic Monster

The Werecat and Weredog.



Amy is the daughter of the Werecat and Weredog.


Amy is friends with Icy Iceparker,Chelsea Clops and Nelly Elf.


Amy`s pet is a dog named Max.


Nothing is known yet.


Amy is not friends with Cleo de Nile and Toralei Stripe.



Amy wears a tight purple top with a swishy turquoise skirt.Her hair is parted back into a stylish bob.

Gloom Beach

Amy`s bikini is purple with blue thread.Her hair is parted back in the same style.

Dawn of the Dance

Amy wears a long,flowing lilac coloured dress.Her makeup is simple but coordinates with the outfit really well.Her hair is tied back in a ponytail.


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