Amorette Cupid is the daughter of Eros AKA Cupid and older sister of C.A. Cupid.She is the only person(not counting her parents) to know her sisters full name,Carita (From the Latin word "caritas" meaning "charity, love") Asta ("Star-like; love.") Cupid.She often teases her sister by calling her either Carita or Asta or her full name.Her name means Little love although she is a big sister.She attends Monster University although she also has a bothe Beastlor and Maulsters deGRRees she is hopeing to get her Darktorate deGRRee.


  • Although she dosen't have any black on her art work she does on her doll.
  • She is dating Flint Drago despite him being in


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