Amore Cupid is the older sister of C.A. Cupid and has much better aim than her.


She is the exact opposite of her sister.Like her sister she deals in relationships but she has her own store called Broken Hearts.she is currently dating Brandon Beard the 2th. she hates brandon because of c.a. playing with her hate arrows that she made herself she is very queit and pretty. When she is mad lets just say all hell breaks loose.


She is dating Brandon Beard. the 2nd. they  fight often and they hate eacth other you can blame that on c.a. she was messing with her arrows


She was never daddys little girl. she has many sibling like her twin beauty  she however doesnt get along with most . she loves her twin beauty even though shes bacisallly c.a. but older.  she has 15 more  sisters named after virtues and characteristics they represent as love gods. paitence, amore ,bevenolence, beuaty ,chasity  , loyalty , humor , ,trust, purity,  silence ,respect, wonder ,unity, and bravery


She has arrows like Cupid but hers are hate arrows.

she has a twin named beuaty who is basically c.a. but taller


she has long wavy black hair, blue eyes and purple lips . she wears a  black dress black combat boots  and black tights