Season Coffin Locked Season 1, Episode #4
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Alienated is the fourth episode in the first season of Coffin Locked webisodes.


The ghouls have an emergency - Lina's got a monster crush on a guy! But Breanna's got a plan - and the Fearleading team is ready for action!


Breanna and Angela are looking through the catacombs, when they suddenly find Lina in a heap, crying. Angela points out that 'Lina never cries', and this is the first time she's seen her cry. Lina states that it's too much to handle, and Breanna notices that Lina has got her first crush.

After the ghouls do some sleuthing, it's found that Lina's crush is Sodian LaClawstrum, so they think their work is sorted. But Lina is starting to panic about it - she doesn't know anything about the subject!

Breanna decides to tell Lina all about her and Quil, and how they got through their relationship, through mutual interests. Nessa is seen spying, trying to find Sodian's interests. One of them is music, and then Lina sees a poster for Battle of the Bands, and gets an idea. She rushes off. Again.



  • The title is a pun on the word 'alienated' which means for one to feel isolated, and the fact that Lina is an actual alien.
  • Jeffrey is an Original Character designed by P-girl

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