We will rock you base by venulsaa-d2xhkkb

Their first album Cover.

Alien invasion is a band of Allison Triclops,Hannah Thor,and Bithany Hyde(considering there can't have Vamplerie).

Albums and Songs

We're No Normies(1st Album.Currently only)

Girlfriend-a parody of Boyfriend by Big Wolf Rush.Thought of by Allison.

Love Bites!-A heartbreak song written by Hannah after her and Josh broke up.Not to be confused with the webisode.

I May Not Be Rich...- A song by Allison about how you don't need money or power to be happy.

I Wanna Be a Pop Star-A song by Allison about how everyone want to be famous.It is a pop song.

New Ghoul-a song by Bitethany about being a new Ghoul.

Ghic-A song by Hannah about how Geeks can be is a combo of Geek and Chic.


Allison Triclops

The leader and lead singer.Also writes most Songs.

Hannah Thor

back up singer and guitarist.Writes some songs.

Bithany Hyde

Drummist.Writes some songs

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