Aerial ZeStrike

Monster Parent



I have worshipers to do the counting for me.

Killer Style

I like to combine soft and fluffy clouds with sharp, jagged lightning.

Freaky Flaw

The weather always changes with my mood, like sunny when I’m happy and rainy when I’m upset. I also have extreme acrophobia.

Favorite Activity

Match Making. I get that from my mother.

Biggest Pet Peeve

Aerosol Spray that’s destroying the ozone layer, having to live in the sky and Cleo de Nile, always trying to upstage me.

Fav School Subject

Any subject on the ground

Least Fav Subject

Any subject in the air

Favorite Color

Sky Blue

Favorite Food

Nectar and Ambrosia


Aerial has a superior personality and as such has had a very bitter rivalry with Cleo De Nile ever since she started at Monster High. She tends to give little consideration for other's feelings unless they get on her good side. She has an overwhelming fear of heights so she cannot live with her father and instead stays in a mansion near Monster High. She normally tries to not get emotional at all so she won't change weather conditions constantly.


Aerial ZeStrike has white hair with streaks of blue, yellow, red, and black in it and it is very curly albeit 2 strands on the sides of her face shaped like lightning bolts. She has a toga-like outfit that she accessorizes with lightning bolts and cloud patterns.