First of all i wunna start out with a note saying The Image you see is not Avril Lavigne,Its me,I give you my solem promise(although truthfully i do love avril lavigne).I also wunna say The reason why i didn't just use a drawing is because Im a horrible drawler,If I knew how to draw i would've used a drawing.And then i wunna say I know my OC isnt great but My friends and i are currently working on her,and will be working on her in our spare time Thanks guys:) and Here she Goes and yeah she's a phantom i forgot to put it in the title(Wicked and Sick mean cool and awesome

Least Favorite subject:Gym,Levatating is considered Cheating if your racing someone

Hey its the author again,Listen She's not great if anything she's the farthest thing from great but I love monster high and I love this character and I wunna see her come to life(not litteraly but it would be cool)so Please keep the negative comments to yourself because Right now im doing everything i can do just so Adrianna Desmione can be improved,My friends and I aren't Miracale workers but We try and If you like her and want me to make a diary for her Let me know because id be happy to make one also the reason why i put links for the Killer style is so you could get an idea of what she likes to wear but i think you would call her style Rock or Punk rock:)