Abbey B.
Abbey Bominable Heart
Elizabeth bominable




Heath-Well,an older lady huh?

Abby-Leave me alone Yak Breath

Heath-*Smells his breath* oh my breath does stink!'-Addy's conversation with Heath when she comes to visit her little sister

Abby Bominable is the Daughter Of the yeti and Abbey Bominable's Older Sister.

Her in the Fright song

Ay, Frankie's got me fallin' apart
Uhh, Draculaura's stealin' my heart (heart)
Clawdeen Wolf ya make me howl at the moon (howl)
Lagoona you're the finest fish in this lagoon (Ah!)
Yeah Cleo de Nile you so beguile
Even though you act so vile
And Deuce has stone cold style
Operella you my cinderella
Heath oh your on fire (sizzle)
Bonetta's Crackin' up

Draculance,why ya so crude?
Baby is a werecat with an attitude
These are my boos, my skeleton crew
A little strange, but so are you

Don't you wanna be a Monster too?

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