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Abigail has a sweet and energetic personality. She loves fashion as well as music. She loves singing with her whale, Harmony, and playing the piano. She is nice but also has her "impolite" side. This is were she is really energetic and forgets her manners. (Phantoms of the opera have very good manners.) She is mostly sweet and is also a good friend to Operetta.

Physical Apperance

Abigail has light purple skin and green eyes. She has brown hiar tied up in a victory roll style. She has a gold, star sheped mask and a pink and black dress. She has a gold belt and maching gold shoes.


  • Mother- Christine Phantom
  • Father- Erik Phantom
  • Little sister- Opal Phantom
  • Cousin- Operetta
  • Friend- Castiel

abigail pphantom 's mom


Abigail phantoms father


Abigail phantoms Friend