Abe Bominable is Abbey Bominable's little brother and son of the yeti. He has just reacently transfered to Monster High. Here is his bio. He's got a crush on Clawdia Howlson.

Name: Abe Bominable


Monster Parent: the yeti

Killer Style: Clothes I wear remind me of home:cold, ice, and snow.

Freaky Flaw: I come from where you have lack of oxygen, so I have lived where you do not talk alot and use different words, some monsters do not understand or misunderstand me.

Favorite Color: frosty white

Favorite Food: yack milk ice cream

Pet: Frosty, my yack. He is very active for baby yack.

Pet Peeve: people who do not like my constant talk.

Favorite Activity: unlike my sister, I cannot board on the snow, so I like to through the ball of snow.

BFF's: Clawd Wolf and Deuce Gorgon.

Favorite Subject: Geography, it reminds me of my home...and Clawdia Howlson.

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick, I ask creature where yack is and everyone looks at me weird.

Personality: Abe seems to have a personality similar to Abbey's except that he's got a stronger love interest.


Basic: Abe wears a white short sleeved shirt with a picture of mountains on the front. He wears blue jeans and white sneakers with cleets at the bottom.

Family: his parents are yetis and his sister is Abbey Bominable.

Friends: it states in his bio that his best friends are Clawd Wolf and Deuce Gorgon.

Romance: he has strong feelings for Clawdia Howlson. He freqeuntly tries to impress her, but this often goes wrong because of his heritage.

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