A Scary Switch... Part 1
Season 0.1 (Do be Scared of the Unknown), Episode One
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The story starts in the normie world, where Laura M's high school has a MH cosplay day, during that, Laura M and her four friends go under the school and discover a purple portal. After that, The Tribe discovers some sort of green portal in the Catacombs. Could going near them be a grave mistake?

Story (Before Black):

Laura M is seen walking through a door, dressed as Abbey. Her other friend that are seen at the time, Molly, is dressed as Cleo. 'Abbey' smiled. Then, Skylar is seen as Draculaura. During then, Josee is seen as Frankie. Following them is Carolan as Meowlody. Finally, Madie is seen as Purrsephone. Madie was blushing so much she was way pinker then Draculaura.

"Madie, why are you blushing?" 'Abbey' asked, just before getting pushed over by Tori, dressed as Toralei.

"Get out of my way, monster!" 'Toralei' scrunched up her nose as she pushed 'Abbey' down.

"Speak for yourself, mean girl with sandpaper tounge!" 'Abbey' got up. 'Draculaura' and 'Frankie' giggled. 'Cleo's' eyes got wide.

"Beat it." Hissed 'Meowlody' and 'Purrsephone' to 'Toralei'.

"That was a big mistake!" 'Toralei' raised her fist.

"There's gotta be a better way then that to fix this!" 'Abbey' gulped.

"Okay, I dare you four," 'Toralei' pointed to 'Abbey', 'Frankie' , 'Cleo', and 'Draculaura'. "to go downstairs after school, y'know down there where it's, dark, creepy, and extra scary today!"

The girls gulp and nod.

The screen blacks out to after school.

"Cleo, Frankie, Draculaura, this might be a trick." 'Abbey' warned them.

"Relax, Abbey, it'll turn out fine!" 'Frankie' patted 'Abbey' on the back.

"I agree with Frankie." 'Cleo' raised her hand.

"What could be the worst thing to happen?" 'Draculaura' shrugged. The girls walked down the hall to the stairs and they went downstairs. A creepy purple glow was there. A swirling portal was in front of them.

"Ummm... THAT!" 'Abbey' pointed to the portal, voice turning to a shriek.

The story blackens.

Story (After Black):

The story lightens into the halls of Monster High.

Laura Haunts walked down the hall, passing each class until she reached the Catacombs. She knocked on the door and a dark figure opened it and Laura smiled, going down the stairs. Five sets of eyes and a Gem shined in the dim light. The figure, taking off her hood, is revealed to be Kali Ik. The set of blue eyes goes close to another part of the room, and lights a match. She lights a lantern, making all the faces visible. There was an eerie green glow in the room.

"Kali," Oona Ga rolls her eyes. "I can't believe we had to do it like this. So boring."

Kali stomped her foot. "NOT TRUE!"

"Woah, break up the fight." Dona Oby pushed the two apart.

"Noah not know why Oona and Kali fight." Noah raised an eyebrow.

"That's not important now," Kali grabbed a tarp that was hanging from a hook. "The reason we're all in the Catacombs is this." She took off the tarp, behind was a strange, green, glowing circle. Oona leaned on the wall beside it.

"Yeah, yeah, big deal, can we get to the point?" Oona had the annoyed tone in her voice.

"Noah loves points!" Noah exclaimed. Oona rolled her eyes.

"Alright Oona," Kali was annoyed. "It's some sort of portal, but we don't know where it goes to."

"Ummm... Okay?" Laura looked confused. "So, how are we going to figure out where?"

Kali shrugged.

"I suggested this before, why don't we just go through it?" Oona said.

"It's our only idea." Laura nodded.

"Oh alright..." Kali frowned.

The story blacks out into the: "TO BE CONTINUED..." signal with creepy purple and green glow around it.

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