A Night of Dreams
Season 1, Episode 17
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Prom Nightmares

Masked Lantern's Light (Chronologically)

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, Episode 17: It's prom night and things might not live up to the unbelievable expectations.


Frankie is waling the hallway sobbing quietly when Draculaura comes up to her. She asks what's wrong and Frankie explains her problem with the lab. Draculaura says thats awful and asks what she can do to help. Frankie says to go to prom and have a great time for her. Frankie smiles and walks away.

Holt comes up to Clawdeen and Draculaura with a worried look on his face. He asks what is wrong and Draculaura explains the story. Holt says thats waful and they have to do something. He bets a big grin on his face and wispers in their ears about what to do. He walks away and changes into Jackson.

Jackson walks up to Brian and asks how the date planning is goin. Brian says it's going great and hopes Operetta will love it. Jackson says she defiantely will.

Melody is sitting in class next to Frankie when Melody asks her to go ask the teacher a question. Frankie asks why she can't and Melody says she needs to keep working on something. Frankie gets up with a confused look on her face. Meldoy grabs Frankie's bag and rifles through until she finds a folder and takes a paper out of it. She folds it and puts everything back the way it was.

Frankie is sitting alone when her phone rings. She answers it and Holt tells her to come to the school. Frankie asks why and Holt responds by sating they have a surprise for her. When she gets to school she goes to a classroom where her friends yell surprise. Frankie asks what this is for and the girls present her with a box. She opens it to reveal her dress put together and perfect. She says it's amazing and begins to cry. Everyone leaves so she can change.

On the dance hall everyone is dancing when Aspen pulls Scarah apart. He tells her that he wants to end their realtionship until she comes to college and when she does they'll see if they still want to be together. Scarah says she can't believe he's breaking up with her at the prom. She then screams and leaves.

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