A Hunch of Red
Season 1, Episode 4
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 4: Helga begins having feelings for a particular bull headed bully after seeing his softer side. Ghoulia and Teala help her get a date.


Helga's walking to school alone when she hears someone talking behind a wall. She looks over it to see Manny Taur helping a small bird with a hurt wing. She smiles and runs off before he sees her. When she arrives at school she begins asking questions about what Ghoulia knows about Manny. She says he's a bully and has no friends. Helga walks away looking sad.

Holt, Heath, and Billy are discussing the best dates they've ever planned each saying theirs is better. Eventually it evolves into a full blown argument. They make a deal to each plan a date for their girlfriends and see which is better. They each run off in a huff of anger.

Manny is wandering the halls during class as Helga walks to the restroom. She stops and says hello but Manny just ignores her and tells her to move on. Helga says she saw him helping a bird. Manny denies anything but when Helga says she thought it was sweet he walks away in a huff. Helga turns around heartbroken and heads back to class.

Holt plans a flying carpet ride using a carpet he took from the basement without knowing it's broken. Holt leads Frankie with her eyes covered to a picnic on the carpet. She says she's surprised and takes a seat. The carpet lifts off the ground The ride is shaky at first and keeps veering off in the wrong direction until eventually flipping completely over. They both fall into a tree with Frankie's body parts in the tree and Holt now Jackson saying sorry. Just then Billy and Spectra run by being chased by a bear and Holt with Abbey coming in on a tidal wave.

Ghoulia and Teala approach a crying Helga and ask what's wrong. Helga explains the Manny situation and promise to help her. The three approached Manny and berate him for mistreating Helga. He says the only reason was because he gets nervous around Helga due to his crush on her. Helga smiles and asks if he wants to get coffee later. He smiles and says yes.

Holt is sitting in the cafeteria with branches in his hair next to Billy with tears on his clothes and Heath soaked. Then Frankie, Spectra, and Abbey come up to them asking why they all planned outrageous dates. They say it was for a deal and then ask which date was better. They each say they were terrible and leave to go to the Maul. The boys plead for them to come back but to no avail. They smile and leave the cafeteria.


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